December Fuck Up

Please since we entered the Ember month, many members residing outside Nigeria have been booking Fuck up ahead of their visit to Nigeria in December. We have received over 5 of such requests from men living outside Nigeria for reservations of sweet pussies in December. To this end, we wish inform our Fuck up ladies residing in Abuja and Lagos and Port Harcourt to give us update on their movement during the festive season. If you reside in any of these three listed states, please chat us up on WhatsApp 09093228289 and update us if you are traveling in December or you will remain in the city during that period so that we can know those who are available for Fuck up. Thank you

The Hubby is HIV+

She just found out that her hubby is HIV+ and has been secretly taking antiretroviral drugs . What do you advise her to do at this very moment? Your mature advice will be greatly appreciated. Hear her :" Ben I don die. infact a dead person is beta than me. Helo Ben please come online..i need you now Ben.. Jesus take control. I'm finished my husband has killed me ..Ben im finished 😭😭😭 . I just found out that my husband has been taking HIV drugs. I saw the drugs inside his personal drawer which he always lock. this morning, he forgot to lock it and out of curiosity I said let me see what is in there, Ben I'm dead. Who knows how long he has been taking this.. My hands are shaking. i can't type anymore..I'm dead"With Ila OtuAdmin

Avoid Office Romance

Office romance and Business romance is one thing everyone should avoid. Try and draw that visibly thick Red Line between business and pleasure. It does not always end well. Two of my colleagues in the Bank were just fired because of this. The guy is a Banking Officer(BO) while the lady just started her banking career as an ET(Executive Trainee). Both of them are in  charge of the ATM loading of cash(thats where they fall in love) and have been playing some dirty games with the ATM money and covering up themselves. Their dirty secret is what keeps them together as lovers. Unfortunately, things fall apart and they fell out: the lady caught him in a compromising position with a female IT student after close of work and that's how problem started. She didn't think. The next day, she went straight to our Bank manager to expose their tampering of the ATM money and that was the end of the two of them. They were not just fired but have been handed over to the police for fraud. Please …

My Clit Moved

"......Immediately we enter the hotel room, I will give you welcome hug; as I'm hugging you, you will feel the erection. I will hug you passionately, pull off your clothes, unzip your bra, pull down your pant, carry you like laptop, drop you on the bed, spread your legs and bang you silly.
Then you can go and bath and rest..."Her : "🙆🙆🙆 this particular message you just sent made my clit move, I won't lie. Is there a way we can fast forward the months so December can come immediately?...."

Can You Get Her Pregnant

Please we need a responsible young man of between 30-38years who can help impregnate a married woman.The husband has been medically confirmed impotent. She has agreed with the husband to take in through a total stranger. Her genotype is AA. You will have to conduct test first. You will bang her in the presence of the husband at their chosen hotel in Port Harcourt. It will not involve any form of deep intimacy. Nothing like kissing, sucking breast, sucking pussy or sucking dick. Nothing of such. All they need is just for you to ejaculate inside her, that's all. She will not even moan for you no matter how crazy you may drive her. She has never slept with another man before. She is only doing this with the consent of the husband. It is a very difficult decision for them to take but they have no option. They don't want adoption. They need the world to see the wife pregnant for record purposes. You all will lodge in the same hotel but different rooms. You will only come in to the…